Long Live Pets – A Film Tribute to Adopted Pets

adopt-a-rescue-dogThe film in the following link is a salute to rescue dogs, along with the volunteers at pet shelters and the folks who have taken these dogs into their homes.  It’s been sponsored by Best Friends Animal Society and Nature’s Variety Instinct Dog Food.  Everyone here at Fleur Pet Hospital is a big fan of Best Friends, a no-kill animal sanctuary in Kanab, Utah.  If you’re not already familiar with Best Friends, we’d encourage you to familiarize yourself with the work they do for dogs, cats and virtually every other type of pet, and some farm animals as well.  And although we applaud Nature’s Variety Instinct for their contribution in producing and making this film available, we don’t mean this to be in any way an endorsement of their pet foods.


The film is a series of very quick cuts, but it’s much more meaningful if you’ll pause it and click on the photos of the individual dogs.  We know that many of you have taken rescue pets into your home, and you’ll be doing it again in the future.  This film is for you and for all pet lovers.  To fully enjoy it, please click the “Meet the Cast” and “See All the Rescues” blocks at the conclusion of the film.  And please share this film with other pet lovers.

The following links are to several of the many adoption agencies in the Central Iowa area.