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When my wife and I were looking to get a puppy, we called the vets in our area to get an idea about first year care and rates. Dr. Lisa Williams’ staff took the time to discuss every vaccination, heath screen and procedure we should expect in the first year and relayed the anticipated costs for each of them. They thoroughly educated us before we had ever spent a dime with them. No other vet in the area came close to their level of service and knowledge. Since then(5 years), they have been a wonderful resource for us. Our dog even gets excited when we pull in because the entire staff treats her with love and is interested in keeping her healthy. She just likes going to the vet. It’s obvious that the health of my pet is their top priority and I have never felt pressured into products or services that my dog doesn’t need. They make sure I get reminders when she’s due for her vaccinations and screenings and their prices on Heartgard and Frontline beat those online. Their boarding prices are also some of the best around and I know she’s going to have fun when I have to leave her there.

Matthew G. October 20, 2013