I love the entire staff at the office. They are all great with the animals that they see and very knowledgeable.

Markota October 20, 2013

The place is full of energy and the staff are more than willing to learn individual needs of the pet and the owner. Dr. Williams really walked me through each step to take to enable my puppy to live a long, healthy life. I feel confident in their knowledge, suggestions and appreciate their exceptional customer service!! A great team, a great place to take your pet!

MRL October 20, 2013

Our family got our first pet, an 8 week old Golden Retriever. We took her to Dr. Williams for a check up and shots (on a recommendation from a friend) and were so happy with the love, attention, care the entire staff provided for Shiloh! We are looking forward to years of support from Dr. Williams and her staff and years of fun times with Shiloh!

kjs October 20, 2013

Fleur Pet Hospital is awesome. The staff is so passionate and caring. They treat my dog as if she was their own. They take time to answer any questions and give great advice. We LOVE Fleur Pet Hospital!

Connie Redd October 20, 2013

We have been visiting Fleur Pet Hospital for many years. We even drive the extra 20 plus miles because we appreciate the wonderful service they have provided to our cats over the years. Our cats also never seem to mind their visit to Fleur Pet Hospital. The veterinarian, Dr. Williams and her staff have always been friendly and super great to our kitties.

Sharon M. October 20, 2013

Everyone here is really nice, very professional and really really good with our dogs. We couldn't be happier with the care they give to them.

Todd October 20, 2013

Wonderful care! Pets are happy and well taken care of. Everything is explained throughly. Staff is friendly, helpful and knowledgeable.

Vera October 20, 2013

Ozzie loves the location - it is close to home. It keeps him from becoming so nerveous. The staff and Dr. are very attentive to him. Of course, he loves all the attention. I love the doctor!!

BillieJo Cropp October 20, 2013

Our dog and cats are very well treated here. I always recommend Fleur Pet Hospital to my friends.

Stacey Edwards October 20, 2013

Fleur Pet Hospital always does a great job to make sure our cat is well cared for and checks in with us to make sure she is as healthy as can be. When our cat needed to have her eye removed, we knew we could trust Dr. Lisa to get the job done. Fleur Pet Hospital cares for their patients as if they were their own pets and provides us many services that we couldn't get anywhere else.

K. Zimmer October 20, 2013

Fleur Pet Hospital is my vet. I've had them for all my three cats needs for many years. They are always friendly and helpful. I know they have my cats best interests at heart.

Mathew Johnson October 20, 2013

Dr. Williams and staff do a great job taking care of my 2 fur kids. I love coming here. The staff is very nice and they take care of you and let you know what is going on with your pets. The staff loves what they do. I couldn't ask for a better vet.

Happy Client October 20, 2013

When I moved back home I was nerveous about finding a great vet for my four legged kids. After reading the reviews on google I was convinced Fleur Pet Hospital was perfect for my kids! I couldn't have asked for a more lovable, reasonable, passionate, vet! My dogs have never felt so royal! So glad I came to them!

Rebekah Wignall October 20, 2013

We enjoy our visits as all the staff really do like pets and our animals like the staff. A very positive atmosphere. Staff is efficient and knowledgable. Wouldn't go anywhere else. Thanks!

C. Shreck October 20, 2013

We have 3 dogs, all different ages and breeds but Dr. Williams and the staff at Fleur Pet Hospital take care of all of us so well. They are patient, kind, respectful & very caring. We wouldn't take our three "kids" anywhere else.

Betsy Pearson October 20, 2013

Through, gentle, attention to detail. Good follow through.

Carole Jones October 20, 2013

I have been taking my pets to Dr. Lisa Williams at Fleur Pet Hospital ever since she started her practice there nine years ago. Obviously I have faith, gratitude and trust in her care of my animals. During that time she has performed three surgeries in addition to a number of dental procedures to my two dogs and a cat. She is a great listener, pays great attention to detail, and has superior clinical technique in procedures (like hitting the vein on the first try and giving shots so quickly they sometimes appear to be painless). Most importantly she dotes on her furry patients. She gives kisses and hugs and treats them with sincere loving care. Dr. Williams is supported by an excellent staff including an amazingly knowledgeable and skilled office manager, as well as adept techs, office staff and groomers. In addition to grooming she offers boarding with separate facilities for cats and dogs, and she runs the adjacent doggie daycare. I have not personally used the daycare but have toured it and the facility is well designed, spacious and totally supervised. With all these great experiences, the ONLY negative comment I have is that perhaps the office visit scheduling could be improved; I routinely have to wait 10 -20 minutes after the appointment time to be seen.

Jan Mussell October 20, 2013

Riley and I love coming to Dr. Lisa Williams and her staff. I can not believe how friendly and caring they are of Riley. They truly care about all the animals they see.

Denise Trower October 20, 2013

Dr. Williams and staff are very loving to our furry kids. They are very thorough with the health care our kids receive and we don't seem to mind walking through the door!

Kim Heggen October 20, 2013

I am a new client and am very impressed with the treatment and care of a dog who had been lost in the wilderness for three weeks. I plan to bring a second dog in for grooming among other things.

Sara C. Hill October 20, 2013

Great!!! Boarding was so great I didn't want to leave. Chatterbox 🙂

John Arneodo October 20, 2013

Only place I will take my pets (cats). Kind and understanding staff and doctor. 5 star rating!!!

Mike Luhrs October 20, 2013

Our poodle, Ruby, gets outstanding care. She has had several unique health issues that have been professionally dealt with.

Tim and Karen Leonard October 20, 2013

So much love shown to Shiloh every time we are here. Very confident in kenneling here and level of care. Always wish it was cheaper - as with all things in life 🙂

Kerri Schwemm October 20, 2013

When my wife and I were looking to get a puppy, we called the vets in our area to get an idea about first year care and rates. Dr. Lisa Williams' staff took the time to discuss every vaccination, heath screen and procedure we should expect in the first year and relayed the anticipated costs for each of them. They thoroughly educated us before we had ever spent a dime with them. No other vet in the area came close to their level of service and knowledge. Since then(5 years), they have been a wonderful resource for us. Our dog even gets excited when we pull in because the entire staff treats her with love and is interested in keeping her healthy. She just likes going to the vet. It's obvious that the health of my pet is their top priority and I have never felt pressured into products or services that my dog doesn't need. They make sure I get reminders when she's due for her vaccinations and screenings and their prices on Heartgard and Frontline beat those online. Their boarding prices are also some of the best around and I know she's going to have fun when I have to leave her there.

Matthew G. October 20, 2013

They know my dog by name! They truly care about the outcomes of your pets and show loving care every time I'm there. They provide an itemized bill so there are no hidden costs and they let you know pay estimate range prior to any procedures. I'm very happy with the way my dog is treated!

Jen Penisten October 20, 2013

We've been taking our pets to Fleur Pet Hospital for years and have found them to provide exceptional veterinary service. Dr. Lisa Williams and her staff truly care about our pets and treat them (and us) like family. Our dog is always excited to visit the office and everyone there showers her with love and affection. We would definitely recommend Fleur Pet Hospital to anyone looking for quality veterinary care.

Jane Darrah October 20, 2013

I took my Idgy to Fleur Pet Hospital, she was very sick. Dr .Lisa Williams and her team diagnosed  her and prepared a plan to heal her. She was in Intensive Care for 2 days - the crisis was over. Dr. Williams and her staff saved her life. They really do care for our pets like their own.  I would recommend them to anyone-I can't thank them enough.   P.S. Idgy loves everyone there and Doggy Daycare is the best!

Tammy S. October 20, 2013

Maggie the kitty senior citizen and I went to Fleur Animal Hospital for the first time. It was very clean, very timely and the staff was wonderful for me and they were so sweet to Maggie. They talked to her, petted her, gave her treats at the end and explained every step to me. We have found a new doctor for Maggie and after moving 7 times through, college, grad school, an apartment and buying a house, she was best treated at FAH.

Kim S. October 20, 2013

Very friendly staff and showed a genuine concern for my dog.  Follow up calls and everything after having been treated.  Highly Recommended!

Patrick B. October 20, 2013