Hill to Home Project: Convenient, Affordable Nutrition for Your Pet

Hill to Home Project: Convenient, Affordable Nutrition for Your Pet

What is the Hill to Home Project?

Hill to Home is a convenient service that delivers Hill’s Prescription Diet and Science Diet pet foods directly to your doorstep. Designed to simplify your pet’s nutritional needs, this program ensures that your pet’s food is always available when they need it, saving you the hassle of last-minute trips to the hospital.

Why Choose Hill to Home?

  1. Save 35% on Your First Bag: Get a significant discount on your first order to start your pet’s journey to better health with Hill’s premium nutrition.
  2. Free Shipping: Enjoy free delivery on all orders, making it easier and more affordable to keep your pet’s nutrition on track without any additional costs.
  3. Auto-Shipments: Set up automatic shipments to ensure you never run out of your pet’s favorite food. You can choose the delivery frequency that best suits your needs, and adjust or cancel at any time.
  4. Convenience: Skip the trip to the hospital and get your pet’s food delivered straight to your home. This is particularly beneficial for busy pet owners and those with limited mobility.
  5. Reliable Supply: With Hill to Home, you can trust that your pet’s food will arrive on time, every time, ensuring their diet remains consistent and they stay healthy.
  6. Tailored Nutrition: Hill’s offers a wide range of products that cater to specific health needs and dietary requirements, ensuring that your pet gets the best nutrition tailored to their unique needs.

How to get started?

  1. Sign Up and Order: Follow the easy steps on the portal to sign up, choose your products, and place your first order. Don’t forget to apply the discount code for 35% off your first bag.
  2. Set Up Auto-Shipments: Select the auto-shipment option during checkout to have your pet’s food delivered regularly. Customize your delivery schedule to fit your needs.

Start Today!

Join the Hill to Home program today and give your pet the consistent, high-quality nutrition they deserve with the convenience you need. For more details or assistance, contact our hospital.

Contact Us

For any questions or support, feel free to reach out to our hospital. We’re here to help you and your pet enjoy the benefits of Hill to Home.