Pet Vaccinations

Pet Vaccinations

Boost Your Pet’s Health with Comprehensive Pet Vaccines at Fleur Pet Hospital

Pet vaccinations are pivotal in safeguarding your furry friend’s health. They act as a shield, protecting against various diseases affecting pets and, in some cases, even humans. Fleur Pet Hospital offers a comprehensive range of core and non-core vaccines to ensure optimal health for your canine or feline companion.

When it comes to pet vaccines, one size doesn’t fit all! We take the time to understand your pet’s lifestyle, environment, and health history. Based on this, we recommend a custom vaccination plan that may include core and non-core vaccines for complete protection.

Pet Vaccines: Tailored for Tails

Custom Care for Every Cat and Dog

In the world of pet vaccines, there are two main types: core and non-core. Core vaccines are essential for all pets, while non-core vaccines are recommended based on your pet’s lifestyle and risk factors. Here’s a quick guide:

Core Vaccines for Dogs:

  • Parvovirus

  • Distemper

  • Adenovirus

  • Parainfluenza

  • Rabies

Core Vaccines for Cats:

  • Panleukopenia (Distemper)

  • Calicivirus

  • Herpesvirus (Rhinotracheitis)

  • Leukemia (For cats under one year of age)

  • Rabies

Non-Core Vaccines for Dogs:

  • Bordetella (Kennel Cough)

  • Leptospirosis

  • Influenza

  • Lyme Disease

Non-Core Vaccines for Cats:

  • Leukemia (for cats at risk)

  • Bordetella

  • Chlamydophila felis

  • Leukemia (For cats older than one year of age)

Our knowledgeable team stays up-to-date with the latest guidelines, ensuring your pet’s vaccine protocol is effective and scientifically sound. With us, your pet’s vaccination journey is as unique as they are, filled with care, cuddles, and, of course, treats!

Let’s Get Your Pet Protected!

It’s time to arm your furry friend with the best defense against illness! Join us at our clinic, where pet vaccinations are more than just shots; they’re a pathway to a healthier, happier life.

We’re excited to work with you to tailor a vaccine plan that fits your pet’s unique needs and lifestyle. Schedule your appointment today, and let’s get those tails wagging in good health.

Fleur Pet Hospital provides pet vaccinations for cats and dogs in Des Moines, Indianola, Norwalk, Runnells, Altoona, Carlisle, Urbandale, and West Des Moines.