Pet Phovia Light Therapy

Pet Phovia Light Therapy

Illuminating Recovery: Pet Phovia Light Therapy for Enhanced Healing and Skin Health

At Fleur Pet Hospital, we’re bringing the future of pet care into the present with our Pet Phovia light therapy services. This innovative treatment is like sunshine for your pet’s skin health, using specialized light to speed up healing and support cell regeneration.

From superficial scrapes to deeper tissue issues, Phovia light therapy is a gentle yet powerful tool in the healing arsenal. It’s perfect for pets who need a little extra help in the healing department, providing a soothing, non-invasive treatment option.

A Spectrum of Healing

Conditions Treated with Pet Phovia Light Therapy

Phovia Light Therapy is a versatile treatment, effective for a variety of conditions:

  • Healing Surgical Incisions

  • Interdigital Furunculosis

  • Perianal Disorders

  • Wound Healing

  • Skin Infections

  • Hot Spots

  • Dermatitis

  • and more!

This therapy is not just for healing wounds; it’s a beacon of relief for various skin conditions.

How Phovia Works Its Magic

Pet light therapy harnesses the power of a specific light wavelength to penetrate the skin and stimulate cell regeneration. This process encourages quicker healing and reduces inflammation while being completely pain-free for your pet.

It’s like giving your pet’s skin cells a little energy boost, helping them repair and rejuvenate more efficiently. The best part? Treatments are quick and often show noticeable results in a short amount of time.

Let There Be Light!

If your four-legged friend needs some healing assistance, consider the rejuvenating benefits of pet light therapy.
Schedule a session with us at Fleur Pet Hospital and watch your pet return to their playful, happy self in no time.

Pet Phovia light therapy isn’t just about healing; it’s about bringing back joy and comfort to your furry companion’s life.
Let’s turn on the light to better health together!

Fleur Pet Hospital offers pet Phovia light therapy for dogs and cats in Des Moines, Indianola, Norwalk, Runnells, Altoona, Carlisle, Urbandale, and West Des Moines.